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Visible History

The Visible History Project emerged out of a necessity to re-educate myself on American history; specifically Black American History.  When I was in elementary and high school, I can recall grazing over the civil rights movement and Egypt- that was the extent of learning black history I received in public school.  We spent an extensive amount of time learning about the victories of white America and Europe.  After talking to many of my friends, it became evident that there was a need for an unearthing of Black American history.  While I did learn a lot about black history in college, there's still so much that me and my peers don't know.   My goal with this project is to be a catalyst for conversations and to reeducate people on the many black individuals that we aren't taught about in elementary and high school.  


Each month I paint a portrait of an unsung black historical figure and talk about their stories on my social platforms.  In addition, I work with my cousin to print the portraits on t-shirts with the intention to continue to spread knowledge outside of the digital landscape.  There is obviously a need for more black storytelling and my hope is that my contributions can shine light on the matter... one t-shirt at a time.

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