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STICKY HONEY: Studies of Black Love


I’ve struggled with the idea of love, black love. I have not been on the receiving end of it. For me, it has been a continuous journey of learning, listening, and stickiness


This series is an observation of black couples. Through these relationships, I witness recurring themes of vulnerability, partnership, dedication, respect, intimacy, jubilee, and consideration. There is an undeniable aura of tenderness in each of these pieces. While there is light, there is also darkness. The dark side of black love can be messy, secretive, dishonest, selfish and sad. Sticky Honey is a series that captures the richness and authenticity of each couple. 


Love is not easy to sustain, but it is aspirational and adventurous. Feeling it all is human. Experiencing black love  can be anchoring. Black love is an incredibly powerful and impenetrable force. It is beautiful and holy and worthy.


Black love is understanding

Black love is discovery

Black love is healing

Black love is rich

Black love just is

Black love is sticky honey

About the curated Playlist- CLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST

This series has a complimentary playlist that was compiled by Jardyn Lake  aka sweetboi

Sticky Honey is a mini musical anthology inspired by my endeavors in self-love, affirmation, and romantic love. It’s a cumulative telling of the stories, moments, and cycles experienced with lovers– when we were enveloped in that sweet honeymoon place, smitten, crushin’, being grown and sexy– all the way to the places of desperation, insecurity, heartbreak, and loss. It’s also a manifestation of conversations I’ve had with myself as I’ve journeyed through self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-compassion, joy, and healing. 


Curating this playlist has helped me remember and feel–the people I shared delicate moments with, passionate and sexy times, and blissful and heart bursting joy–all parts that have shaped who and how I love today.   


I celebrate and recognize [these loves] for all the complexities and lessons it has given me. I hope you find yourself and/or your love (past, present, or future) in the songs shared here. 


Jardyn Lake aka DJ sweetboi

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