Dick Gregory Original Painting

Dick Gregory Original Painting





Acrylic on wood panel; 2021


About Dick Gregory


Dick Gregory (1932-2017)was an American comedian and activist. Born in St. Louis., he grew up very poor.  While his mother only had a 3rd grade education, Gregory ended his high school career with many accolades and several scholarships 


As a child, Gregory was easily intimidated. He later realized if he joked about himself first then other kids wouldn’t make fun of him


Gregory stumbled on making a name for himself in track. He wanted to join the traCk team simply because he wanted to use the shower everyday.  He ended up becoming a star runner.  Track improved his social status in high school.  He even became hs president- which had previously been reserved for high class families. 


His mother passed away while he was in college and shortly after he was drafted.  He had no respect for the army and disregarded all the rules.  The colonel forced him to do the talent show.  He went on to win several army competitions. He went back to school after serving a year and lost interest and motivation.


He left college and moved to Chicago Gregory spent many years trying to make it as a comedian.He got his break when he filled in for a sick comedian at the playboy club.  He received a lot of press and a few tv opportunities from working at playboy. 


Meeting Medger Evers influenced his advocacy in civil right and he soon dedicated a lot of time participating at demonstrations.   He was arrested many times and went on hunger strikes for equality. He spoke at Selma, the women’s equality March, and at MLKs I have a dream speech in Washington.


Gregory ran for mayor of Chicago in a1967.  Although he did not win, the following year he ran for president of the United States in 1968 as a write in candidate.


He was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1999 and he treated his cancer with herbs vitamins and exercise.


He died in 2017.