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This series is a celebration of the every day woman who conquers the world with a broken heart.  This is a middle finger to the undeserved and disrespectful.

For when we gave our all and got nothing in return.  For the time we drank it away and floated.  For when he died and so we died.  For when they didn't protect us from our own.  For swollen lips and unsent sorrys.  For when they didn't chose us.  For the years of pretending to be someone we were not.  For when endless tears and unshakeable loneliness rocked us to sleep.  For when we didn't eat and starved for them.  For when we didn't come home that night.  For when they used us against us.  For when we drowned and they watched.  For when we said no but they said yes.  For when we cut our own flesh to heal our wounds.  For when we didn't hear the baby cry.  For when we had no where to sleep.  For when our loud screams fell silent. 

And most importantly for when we got back up.

This is for you.  I stand with you forever.

The women I used in this series are victorious and have lifted and shaped the woman I am today.  I don't take their friendship for granted.  Thank you to my sisters Shayna, Nolan, Billy Joe, Shana, Ewuraekua, Niesha, Natasha, Jennifer, Spring, Ava, Gillian, Rosalind, and Tessa

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